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 Run time: 26 half-hour
 suitable for all ages

Adventures on Rainbow Pond
26 half-hour animated childrens' series

Directed by: Hiroshi Sasagawa, Yoshiyuki Tomino
Written by: Jinzo Toriumi
Character design by: Yoshitaka Amano, Tatsuo Yoshida, Masayuki Hayashi
Produced by: Tatsunoko Productions

Synopsis: A little frog with big dreams turns a woodland community head-over-lily in ADVENTURES ON RAINBOW POND, an animated series glowing with music, fun and laughter! A poor tree frog named Jonathon moves to the woodland community of Rainbow Pond where the excitement is unending as he struggles for acceptance in his new home. With only his musical reed pipe and the love of Pookie, his gigglesome girlfriend, to help him, Jonathon battles vicious cats, giant sea monsters and sneaky snakes - and, most dangerous of all, the selfish ruler of Rainbow Pond, King Leopold! But before he can change this cold-hearted community, Jonathon must first learn to accept himself. An enchanting cartoon cavalcade of color, action and adventure, ADVENTURES ON RAINBOW POND will delight young viewers for years to come.

Also available as two feature-length animated adventures: The Brave Frog & The Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure.

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