Since the early 1980’s, Harmony Gold has been active in the production, acquisition, and distribution of quality international television programming, producing some of the industry’s most classic and history making programs.

 During its first year in operation, Harmony Gold launched Shaka Zulu, at the time the most successful first-run syndicated mini-series in the history of television, commanding over 80 percent of the domestic television market and more than 100 countries. The outstanding success of Shaka Zulu set a precedent for all the subsequent Harmony Gold productions, including RobotechThe Man Who Lived at the RitzKing of the Olympics, the three-time Emmy® nominated Around the World in 80 Days with Pierce Brosnan, Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady and Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls with Christopher Lee. The Lost World and Return to the Lost World with John Rhys-Davies, and the Golden Globe® nominated miniseries Heidi, which aired on the Disney Channel.

In addition, Harmony Gold actively optioned and acquired well-known titles for international distribution and co-production and distribution such as the classic family television series: The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion, by the Academy Award® winning producers of Broken Rainbow. Feature acquisitions included the American dark comedy Dirt and two scripts written by acclaimed Phenomenon writer Jerry DiPego: The Stainless Steel Rat and The Protector, which Harmony Gold acquired with producer Bill McCutchen. Another acquired script, The Search, is based on the book by Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz.

Harmony Gold has also developed and produced such independent films as Abe & BrunoHeart of Fear, Forbidden Border, and the comedy The Secret of Falling Pines with the director/producer team of Henry Charr and Jess Mancilla.

One of Harmony Gold’s flagship titles is Robotech, the blockbuster anime franchise that includes a groundbreaking 85-episode television series that originated in 1985. This was followed by two feature films and lines of merchandise ranging from novels and comic books to apparel and toys. The website generated record-breaking traffic in its 2001 debut, strictly on the word-of-mouth of its fan-base, without the benefit of advance web marketing.

 This ongoing successful brand also includes new media such as video games, wireless entertainment, and the award-winning sequel Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles which was released worldwide on Blu-Ray, DVD, and iTunes and named one of the top anime franchises. The live action film rights to Robotech are currently under option at Sony Pictures Entertainment with award winning producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton attached.